Frequently Asked Questions for Oikon 2

What changed from the previous version?

The technology, the UI, the UX, how the synchronization happens (using PouchDB now), it's now also possible to import a CSV from the iOS app, expense types now show global counts and costs, and there's auto-categorization (matching previous expenses with the same name).

Are the CSV files compatible with the previous version?

Yes, the format is the same.

How can I sync now?

We use and recommend Cloudant through IBM Bluemix. It's free for quite a bit of data. You signup and launch it (or setup your own CouchDB server anywhere), create an "expenses" and a "types" db inside your Cloudant or CouchDB dashboard, and then paste the URL with the credentials in the "URL" field inside the Settings tab (like "https://user:[email protected]").

Can I share my expenses now?

Yes! You just need to use the same URL for the CouchDB server.

Where's the macOS app?

Here you go.

I heard there was a Zapier app?

That is correct!

Where's the code?!

Like most things I do does, this is open sourced in GitHub. Feel free to create issues and submit PRs.

What happened to the previous versions?

They're still available through the old page for now, but because the iCloud sync method used in them has been deprecated by Apple, we're not sure when they'll stop working.